Hong Kong Golf Coaching & Service Company

With about a decade of golf coaching experience, we successfully deliver specific golf coaching skills, science and fun to our students by applying knowledge from Titleist Performance Institute and U.S. Kids Golf.

At October 2018, we are appointed by Oska Pulse, a medical device and wellness manufacturer from U.S.A as sole distributor in Hong Kong and Macau region:
- A pain relief wearable medical device with optimised PEMF technology

- Reduce Inflammation, Pain Relief, Drug Free
- FDA Registered
- Made in USA




憑藉約十年的高爾夫教練經驗,我們通過應用 Titleist Performance Institute 和 U.S. Kids Golf 的知識,成功地為學生提供特定的高爾夫教練技巧,科學和樂趣。 


2018年10月,我們由美國Oska Pulse任命為香港和澳門地區的獨家經銷商:
 - 採用優化PEMF技術的疼痛緩解可穿戴醫療設備
 - 減少炎症,緩解疼痛,無需服藥
 - FDA註冊
- 美國製造