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Player Pathway - Level 5
Goldstar Player

Player Pathway - Level 4

Player Pathway - Level 3

Player Pathway - Level 2

Player Pathway - Level 1

Learning Program - Level 3 
Mastered Player

Learning Program - Level 2

Learning Program - Level 1

Special Note on Migration from Learning Program to Player Pathway:

- Current students to become Learning Program Level 3 - Mastered Play requires Scoring 54 or less for 9 Holes, which is equivalent to Level 4 of Player Pathway

- Students will keep advancing until the Scoring of 102 or less for 18 Holes, completing Level 5 of Player Pathway Program, and become Gold Star Player

For Universities, Schools and other Educational Institute:

- If you require record check please email to: . Please state clearly the name of the student and his/her Date of Birth

- Due to Privacy, we can only issue you reference letter. We will seek Parents/Students approval for releasing other information if required.

This Certification Record List is updated on 22nd December 2021.


Records of Certifications

As we progress since 2015, so many kids in Hong Kong have joined the U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program and many of them are still in the game of golf, with high integrity, sportsmanship and athleticism. Most of them gain significant advancement on their academic as they can think more logically, have courage to make decision. Please visit our Facebook for more reference.

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