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With over 10,000 hours of Coaching, we really see there are something we can do to speed up the whole learning process. Nowadays, Students, and Parents are intelligent and with the newest technology available, we are going to make this sport be learnt:


- Very efficient, fast learning and enjoy the real golf soonest

- Structured Program

- Safe, as we cover the human biomechanics

- With all necessary knowledges to perform even better


U.S. Kids Golf - Player Pathway Learning Program

The U.S. Kids Golf offers Level 1 to 5 Learning Program. Over thousands of Coaches in the World are using these curriculum, motivating and certifiying the kids.

Titleist Performance Institute

We have included Golf Biomechanics | Fitness | Medical | Power | Junior all 5 tracks of knowledge. We have all you need to understand and to perform.


Risk Free Learning

With TPI Medical and Selective Functional Movement Assessment Knowledge, will discuss with you the most common mistakes in golf that likely to induce injury. Rest assure our E-Learning Program already cover that.

Maximising Your Kids Growth Potential

We all want our kids will grow up with more Speed, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Suppleness, Strength, Stamina.... How? When? What to do?

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Be more Analytical

Millions of videos, posts on golf techniques in social media. Some of them are helpful, however most of them may not be suitable to you and the kids. We will bring up the the Golf Biomechanics that teach you how your body move, the pros and cons, timing and priority, then you will be able to understand what is right and what is really wrong.

Sample Videos and Learning Contents are available. Check it out!

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