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Yard Club

Training/Yard Club

The perfect choice to get started or further develop your swing, Yard Club is the mandatory first club beginning players are given when attending a U.S. Kids Golf Academy.

With a molded grip that teaches proper hand placement, oversized head with a pitching wedge loft that helps get the ball in the air, and a flexible lightweight shaft that helps develop a proper swing, Yard Club can make learning and developing easier, more fun, and more permanent. Perfect for use in the yard or can be used when training with real golf balls at the range or course.

*Yard Club is not for use in competition because of the molded grip.

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What Goes Into Yard Club?

Molded Training Grip

Yard Club teaches proper hand placement using our training grip with hand placement indicators.

Oversized Head

30% larger head than a standard pitching wedge gives players confidence when addressing the ball.

Home, Range, or Course

Can be used at home with the provided limited flight balls or the range/course with standard golf balls.

Yard Club Shafts

Custom-balanced, ultralight shafts with greater flexibility help get the ball in the air!

Yard Balls

We offer the limited-flight Yard Ball in dozen packs for hours of fun.

Purchasing Options

Yard Club comes in ten sizes, right and left handed. It is also available in pink, sizes 36"-51".

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