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Titleist Performance Institute

Golf Coaching

TPI Golf Coaching is built by linking the Body-Swing Connection™ to the actual flight of the golf ball. Using the power of TPI’s research on over 1,000 Tour professionals, we learn what the best golfers in the world. This is how golf is taught at the highest levels.

TPI Golf also dives into teaching advanced golf skills - covering the short game, putting, skills assessment and even various practice strategies to make us a more effective teacher of the game.


Our unique strength is having all 5 tracks of knowledges, combining all Golf, Medical, Fitness, Junior and Power, capable to give you the complete picture of your situation and accurate advise to improve your performance, with FULL consideration of your physical, not just your golf mechanics.

Master the Physics of Projectiles


We know why ball flight behaves the way it does and how ball flight can be manipulated based on our student’s physical capabilities.

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 9.40.05 PM.png

About Your Golf Swing


Diagnostic Phase


In our golf lessons, you will get explanation on why:

  • Launch Direction

  • Curve

  • Distance

Then we can further explain what happened when impact.

Next, we can explain how you did it based on:

Your Body-Swing Connection

Physical Screening Phase


Refer back to TPI Physical Screening, we want to know your physical limitation. Mobility and Stability relate to your golf performance.


Short & Long Term Solution Phase


We offer you quick fix which is some technics to help you to play better instantly. However most importantly we will offer you certain exercise to train what you are lacking, and helps to get your body physically doing it.


Rest assured, the short term quick fix will be advised without risking you injury as we have golf medical knowledge supported.

Fitness exercise will help you to gain mobility and stability required as we have golf fitness knowledge supported.

After Exercise

After improving your physical performance, its time to put it back to your swing. Common mistake is about “Muscle Memory”. Actually your muscle has no memory. We will teach you during the lesson how we can do it.


Play and Learn is the answer to a question many parents and coaches ask: “Where do I start?” U.S. Kids Golf offers all the resources a parent needs to introduce the game to the beginning golfer and provides curriculum and tools a teaching professional needs to engage students and parents



During our lessons we will teach you the exact biomechanics of all golf types of golf swing. Some technics to modify for different equipment, swing pattern changes on Full Swing, Pitching, Chipping, Putting and Bunker Shots.


We basically teaching how to move in Golf! From Beginner to Expert Level.

We always do more…


  • Practice Principles recommendations that is appropriate to your current level

  • Visual Assessment, not checking your eyes, but checking your Vision System of your Brain

Example Q.1


When do you draw lines? How many lines?

maxresdefault copy.jpg

Example Q.2


Is that your putting setup posture problem? Or putting stroke wrist/posture stability problem? Or your Vision?

Example Q.3


Is that your physical limitation on your core stability? Or swing mechanics? Or your Vision? FYI this swing may cause neck injury. So if you have neck pain, what is the cause?

Now you know what we are talking about!

Your Short Games

  • Overview your short game performance, full assess your physicals

  • Clarifications of biomechanics

  • Pitching, Chipping, Bunker and Speciality Shots discussion

  • Equipment discussion


  • Overview your Putting performance, full assess your physicals

  • Full Evaluation using LORDS Tesst

  • 3 main Putting technique and knowledge

  • Equipment discussion

Golf Course and Management


  • We bring students to golf course and evaluate your entire performance

  • Teaching all course rules, pre-shots routine, lies considerations, and other real situation issues that cannot be taught in ranges

  • Safety, Rules and Etiquette

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