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Privacy Policy

All the details are below, but here are some of the most important things to note:


  • We will never sell your email address or spam you. We promise to do our best to only send you emails you are actually interested in.

  • We have no intention of doing anything “sneaky.” There’s a ton of info below because we want to be 100% transparent with you and disclose everything we know about to be legally compliant.

  • Yes, we use some tracking cookies (like nearly every legitimate site on the planet). Their sole purpose is to help us provide an experience on this site as tailored to you as we can. You can opt out of some of these tracking cookies, as outlined below, but realize your experience on our site will be more generic and less likely to provide you the value you deserve. Learn more about cookies here .

  • We do not store your credit card data. Our fully PCI-compliant payment provider, Stripe, handles all that sensitive information for you. And when you transmit data from our site to Stripe via the checkout form, it’s encrypted to help prevent any unauthorized party from receiving the data.

  • Be sure to see the Additional Details section at the very bottom of the page. These provide further clarification to the main “Privacy Policy of” section you see next.

Additional Details

Do Not Track (DNT) Signals

Because this application does not respond to DNT signals, users with DNT signals will be treated the same as those without DNT signals.
We do continue to collect information from a user’s browsing activities after a DNT signal is received.
Any information collected is used consistent with the rest of this policy.


Retention of Data

As long as a user maintains an account — whether free or paid — we will retain their data.
Note that cancelling a paid account DOES NOT lead to deletion of the user’s data.
The only time deletion of an account and its related data occurs is when a user specifically contacts us to request this. Requests should be sent to or by telephone: +852 95243050 or through the “Contact Us” box in the upper right side of this page.

3rd Party Data Security Practices

We only choose to work with 3rd parties that are well established in their respective industries. If such a 3rd party is suspected of using poor information security practices, we will review our use of their services and take any needed actions.
It is not feasible for us to take any additional measures to control information security practices of these 3rd parties.

Notification of Changes to Privacy Policy

Any changes of Privacy Policy will be specified here, and Email notification may also be used as appropriate.

Contact Information

Requests should be sent to or by telephone: +852 95243050 
Additional Details last updated Apr 19, 2020


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