Titleist Performance Institute


This is to teach you technical, physical, and equipment modifications used by the biggest hitters in the world. Learning from 5-time World Long Drive Champion Jason Zuback, and 2-time Champion Justin James, with advising on equipment, we are taking you through simple steps to increase your overall power and distance.






Our unique strength is having all 5 tracks of knowledges, combining all Golf, Medical, Fitness, Junior and Power, capable to give you the complete picture of your situation and accurate advise to improve your performance, with FULL consideration of your physical, not just your golf mechanics.

Definition of Power​

  • We will explain, scientifically about Power

  • Your body, Muscle Fibre types, how it works, and so-called explosive power

  • Speed and Strength Training Consultation


Science behind

  • When to start and when to stop => Phases of training

  • Mesocycle, Intensity and training volume

  • What do you train?

  • Training to kids 


  • Why your ball will go that far? On technical how you impact the golf ball

  • Incorporate the physics of ball flight

  • Swing Modifications to increase Power

Power Training Program​

  • Fitness Evaluation / Power Testing

  • Tailor-made speed and strength training program

  • Identify the 4 Power Sources from your body, and 4 Power Developments, Supported by TPI 4X4 Power Matrix

  • Introduction to Olympic Lifting