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Titleist Performance Institute


TPI Medical is designed to give the healthcare provider all the information and tools needed to navigate the complex world of golf-specific injuries and golf-specific rehabilitation. It shows us how to improve our diagnostic skills by introducing the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).


The SFMA is intended to pinpoint the exact cause of a player’s musculoskeletal dysfunction and differentiate between mobility and stability problems. Once the diagnosis is made, we shift into injury rehabilitation and proper motor control restoration with the SFMA 4X4 Matrix.


Our unique strength is having all 5 tracks of knowledges, combining all Golf, Medical, Fitness, Junior and Power, capable to give you the complete picture of your situation and accurate advise to improve your performance, with FULL consideration of your physical, not just your golf mechanics.

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We also dive into the world of injury inducing golf swing mechanics. We covered the most common swing mechanics that lead to injury or inhibit injury recovery.

Assuming you are suffering pain, or you feel discomfort in your swing, we can help you to diagnose:


1. Golf Medical History

  • ​Standard injury history

  • How long have been playing, how often

  • Right /left handed

  • Taking lessons?

  • Strength and weakness

  • Practice: what is the pattern, how often, how long?

  • When do you have pain?

    Before, during practice/rounds, or after

  • Where have pain?

    Backswing, downswing, follow thru

  • Had club fitting?

  • Shoes types, spikes

  • Taking medications, before round

  • Nutritions, hydrations

  • Your goals?

2. SFMA to diagnose what exactly your problem

3. Determine mobility, stability and stability motor control dysfunction

4. Provide Rehabilitation Exercises

5. Scan at your swing to determine if your swing inducing jury mechanics

6. Identify whether body-swing connection issue (Physical), or swing mechanic issue(Technical), as we equipped TPI Physical Screening

7. Other situations from daily life?

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Below are the list of injuries / pain for most common golfers:

  • Lower Back

  • Hip

  • Wrist and Hand

  • Elbow

  • Knee

  • Shoulder

  • Neck

  • Rib

  • Foot and Ankle


Talk to us NOW if you are having these injuries from golf!


Your eyes may lead to your Neck injuries, we will check your eyes too.

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