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Player Pathway Learning Program

Since 2015, we have been using the U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program to teach kids having fun learning golf. And from 2019 the program has been migrated to now Player Pathway. It comes with more detail from Level 1 to 5 for Beginner to Intermediate Level, and Level 6 to 10 if the kids is looking for Performance Level.

We have implemented the Program for years and many kids have gain a lot of improvements, not just in Golf Skills and Knowledge, but also mental and physical. Achievements and Certifications also motivates them to keep going, and more confident to their overall performance including academics, and recognition.

Welcome kids from age 4 up to 14 to join the program. Welcome the entire family, with other classmates & friends are learning together. It will be more fun!

When your kids joining us...

- 7 lessons, 1 hour each in any of our Facilities (Tuen Mun Golf Centre, Tai Po Nine Eagle Golf & Sai Wan Ho Island East Sports Centre for our Level 1 Package

- Welcome gift include a USKG Glove, a USKG Cap

- We will support you the USKG Golf Clubs, with training grip and will be perfect match with your kids height

- We will cover all elements according to the Player Pathway Level 1 Program include: Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Scoring and Knowledge

- When completed, students will get their Achievement Pins, and Certificate

- His/Her name will be shown in our Record of Achievement Page here, for ease reference check by schools or other academic institutions

After Completing Level 1

- S/he is now ready Level 2, we will measure his/her height and arrange a full set USKG golf clubs

- The Program continues as in the form of Private Lesson basis, charges is as listed in our Private Lesson page

- The kids advance according to his/her performance, and his/her performance is highly depends on his/her Physicality. Rest assure, we will teach fitness to your kids to help, a lot of fitness and a lot of fun.

Going to the Golf Course

- We will arrange the kids going to the golf course for their first time. Its all about the fun and enjoyment

- He/She will advance further on the Skills and Scoring, soon they will complete the Level and advance further

Competition & Tournament

- We really encourage kids to try different things. Competitions and Tournaments are something we should let the kids to learn and experience.

- We suggest to enter Local competitions first to gain knowledge, techniques and experience

- If the kids really focus and look for further achievements, U.S. Kids Golf provides Regional / International and World Championship.

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