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Titleist Performance Institute


Kicking off by TPI fitness evaluation of adding screens for strength, power and cardiovascular fitness, a complete picture of the player’s level of fitness is ascertained. After proper assessment, effective training programs are developed to support the findings, first through the base foundation of mobility and stability, and then through proper strength and power progressions.







Our unique strength is having all 5 tracks of knowledges, combining all Golf, Medical, Fitness, Junior and Power, capable to give you the complete picture of your situation and accurate advise to improve your performance, with FULL consideration of your physical, not just your golf mechanics.


TPI Fitness Screening:​

  • Power Testing

  • Strength Testing

  • 15 Foot Shuttle Test

How Powerful Are You Compared To Golfers Your Age?

These tests require a medicine ball that is 1 lb per 20 lbs of body weight (5% of their weight), plus a 4-kg medicine ball for men and 2-kg ball for women and juniors. Then we will use the global data to compare

With test results, we can determine you have adequate strength to play better golf. With TPI, we will advise the relevant exercise programs to the following categories:


  • Functional Exercise Progressions

  • Strength Matrix

  • Power Matrix

Additional Training & Consultancy on:​

  • Female Golfer Training

  • Cardiovascular Fitness for Golf

  • Olympic Lifting

  • Nutrition


TPI Fitness gives us the knowledge and tools to design effective conditioning programs for players of all ages and abilities.

Golf presents unique challenges to the body. Golf is a sport that combines an intermittent high-intensity and high skill activity with a history largely void of understanding the benefits of fitness. Our Fitness Certification helps break the myths of what is important for golfers and what it takes to be fit for golf.

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