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Our Mission:

To help existing Golf Coaches, to perform better in all aspects in coaching, and to make themselves self-sustainable in the market.

Inspire any golfers or individuals who would like to pursue Golf Coaching business

Our Guarantee:


Upon completion of our Coach Training Program. You will understand the most important criteria to become a successful golf coach. Your golf coaching business will be self-sustainable. You will be recommended to have further education in U.S. Kids. Golf and Titleist Performance Institute to strengthen your golf knowledge, coaching techniques and foundations of becoming a really good golf coach.


If local market condition is available and appropriate, we can:

(A) Refer customers to you

(B) Work together with us to enjoy more business opportunities

Criteria to join our Coaches' Program:


(1) Have Passion

(2) Enjoy teaching kids (if you only teach adult it is very unlikely you can have a self-sustainable business)

(3) Open your mind

Note: The type of your golf coaching qualifications is not necessary at all. We welcome anyone from any level, as long as you really want:


To Become a Really Good Golf Coach.

Who should be joining?

Different markets/country/region/golf clubs or academy will have different standard. Here in Hong Kong the culture is 1-on-1, hourly basis:

For Full-Time Golf Coach

(A) If your coaching hours is over 90 hours per month. You do not need to join. You are busy enough (FYI myself is average 100-120 hours per month, working 4 days per week)

(B) Your coaching hours is between 60-90 hours per month: You are sustainable but there is a room to be a better coach

(C) Below 60 hours per month : Don't Give Up! Here we can help you!

For Part-Time Golf Coach, assume you only work on weekend:

(A) Above 60 hours per month, no need to join

(B) Between 40-60 hours, you are sustainable but a room to be better

(C) Below 40 hours: Don't Give Up! We can Help

For Other Coaches who are not sure their performance:

If you work in a golf academy, your students are assigned to you by your facility. No matter you are 1-on-1 basis, group class from 2 to 20 students. You just need to ask one question: If you now quit your academy and work as a freelance, how many of your existing students will follow and keep learning from you? 

(A) if you think more than 20 students will follow you, you will be fine. And you should consider quitting because you will earn more as a freelance

(B) if you think 15-20 students will follow you. You should join our program to become a better golf coach

(C) if you think not more than 15 students will follow you. Don't Quit Your Job! Because it is very likely you cannot self-sustainable. Join our program to learn to be a better golf coach!

What will we teach you to be a better golf coach?

(A) Identify the common failure of golf coaches in nowadays market (Both local and international markets), general pitfall, myths and incorrect practice.

(B) Identify the Key Factors of Success to be a really good golf coaches

(C) The general weakness of existing Coaches Development, within golf academy facility.

(D) Why most individual golf facilities fail

(E) Introduce the widest spectrum of services and products that a golf coaches can provide

(F) Criteria to be a good golf coach

(G) Additonal knowledge, techniques, marketing, coaching service format & determining the market size and opportunity

(H) Understand your customer

(I) How to provide the best quality lesson to your student, and what you need to learn first?

(J) Methods to keep your customer learning from you

(K) Future business opportunities related after becoming a good golf coach

We will share how to become a successful golf coach, without hiding. Teaching you all available techniques relate to coaching. Plus we will show you how to utilise every knowledge in your coaching so the customer will stay with you.

Purchase the introductory video lessons to learn the overview of becoming a good golf coach

Learn every single details to become a good golf coach. Guaranteed to be self-suitable and profitable. Customers referral may available

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