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Lesson Overview

Hello and Welcome!

We have 3 forms of teaching: 

  1. Video Lessons (Coming soon)

  2. Remote 1-On-1 Lessons

  3. Private Lesson (Only available in Hong Kong)

We cover the most areas of training include:

  • Golf Biomechanics, and other skills and knowledge

  • Golf Fitness

  • Golf Medical

  • Golf for Juniors / Kids

Golf for Juniors / Kids are combining U.S. Kids Golf Learning Programs and Titleist Performance Institute. All lessons will teach not just in golf but we will also teach Child Fitness; How kids grow up; Long-Term Athletic Development; and other relevant Parent Educations.

1. Beginner would love to learn golf (Kids)

U.S. Kids Golf Player Pathway is the answer, combining the TPI Junior Program 

2. Beginner (Adult would love to learn golf)

We will teach you from nothing until you are good enough to go to golf course – 

TPI Golf Coaching is the best program for you

3. Intermediate level of players who wants to get better (Handicap 20+)

TPI Physical Screening will identify your situations and give you best advise – 

4. Advance players wants to get better (Handicap 0 ~ 19)

TPI Fitness and TPI Power will identify your situations and give you best advise – 

5. TPI Physical Screening

TPI Physical Screening help diagnose, explain your situation and suggest improvements:

6. Specific Golf mechanics needs to clarify & improvements

Not sure if your swing is ok? Ok means efficient! You have come into the right place because we know exactly the golf swing biomechanics: TPI Golf Coaching

7. Performance Players want to have more knowledge on improvement

Specific Area of improvements? How to train up your Power?

TPI Fitness and TPI Power

8. Specific Golf Fitness enquiry

TPI Fitness

9. Specific Golf Medical enquiry

TPI Medical



10. Would you like to learn how your Child grow up?

Only 1 Chance in your life to do this right! Get the right advise how to maximize your kids growth potential

TPI Junior


11. Having Pain During / after golf?

TPI Medical may help

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