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Remote 1-on-1

Details Submission

Step 1: Film your Swing with 2 to 3 angles

(A) Front View


(C) Optional if you concern with your ball fight, film directly behind the ball

(B) Side / Lateral View: direct pointing to the back of the trial hand

How to Film?


- Normal Speed

- Add Slow motion if your swing is fast

- Same for Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, Irons, Wedges

- Better have ball impact

Step 2. Upload your videos

(A) Use WhatsApp +852 95243050,



(B) Put in Dropbox, Google Drive... and email to us:

Step 3. Tell me more about your concern and any background you want me to know more:

Fill in as much as you can

Thanks for submitting.

Please Proceed Payment Below.

Step 4 - Coach Frankie will analysis your swing


We may request you for selected or full Physical Screening if necessary. 


Step 5 - Usually within 2 business days, Coach Frankie will: 

(1) Explain your situation, why your ball result in this flight

(2) Explain the possible cause, both your swing mechanics and your physicality

(3) Suggest the correct Swing Fix, and quick modifications on the improvement (usually focus on the Swing Foundation)

(4) Physical / Fitness Exercise / Golf Drills to practice to improve.

Final Step - Payment

- Please click the Buy Now Button below. It is US$99 per Remote 1-on-1 Lesson.

- Please be sure the Email you typed is the same as in the Form above.

- Once Payment, Videos and Information Form are received, we will start doing the Analysis and feedback to you soonest.

- Either English, Cantonese & Mandarin languages are welcome and replied accordingly

- To speed up our communication: Recommend using WhatsApp: (852) 95243050 

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